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"Hommage á Paul Sacher"

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of Márton Barabás "Hommage á Paul Sacher" Exhibition is in the Schaffhausen Kunsthalle called Forum Vebicus
Paralell exhibition : Lukas Baumann painter
Curator: Emanuel Gloor

Opening: Friday, 14 August 2015, 7 P.M. The exhibitions are opened until 20-th of September In the opening and at the finissage ( by the Museum's nights event) on 19 and 20-th of September will play music Lukas Baumann( gitarre and pousane) and Lőrinc Barabás (Trompet and electronical instruments)

Address: Vebicus Kunsthalle Schaffhausen Kulturcentrum Kammgarn Baumgartnerstrasse 19 CH-8021 Schaffhausen, Switzerland

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